Who We Are

Hatcher Packs Origin Story

Four years ago, I was pregnant with my first baby when I watched a plane take off. It was like that little someone inside me kicked my heart into realizing I needed to start sprinting to make my dreams take flight. I never looked back. Eventually, out hatched our precious girl and Hatcher Packs.

 It all started with the quest to find a diaper bag and a baby carrier to go on our adventures. My husband and I imagined taking our daughter everywhere with everything, well, at least for sure the essentials like diapers and wipes. Plus, we had a goal to hike a mountain every month of Charlotte’s first year of life. And every parent knows, when you take a kid on an adventure, you’re going to need a bag to go with you!


However, I couldn’t find a soft baby carrier, with any carrying capacity beyond minor trinkets. All the diaper bag backpacks looked like lunch boxes strapped to ribbons. Thus, I was disappointed to realize that I would probably always be wearing four shoulder straps: two for the baby carrier and two for my backpack, even if I just needed diapers and wipes. 

As parenthood began, we soon realized that every day was an adventure! We were constantly juggling between bags and carriers, home and hiking, parks and play-time. I literally felt strapped for space and it was too easy to drop the ball and forget an essential item. Like the first time we took Charlotte on a hike I packed everything… except the diapers. Oops… We discovered the emergency shortage after a blow-out and made a makeshift diaper out of a feminine hygiene pad, safety clips and a band-aid. Unfortunately, the mishaps only continued! I always forgot something – the changing pad, a blanket to cover me while breastfeeding, snacks, you name it, I’ve forgotten it!


Thus we sat out to create Hatcher Packs. We were both in school and funds were tight. I bought backpacks from the thrift store and cut out their clips and buckles. We consulted with Grandpa, CEO of UltraSpire, an ultramarathon pack designer. We researched, tested, ran, and sewed. When our second daughter Adalyn was born, I realized more than ever that I needed my hands free and bags packed to catch up with our toddler, Charlotte.  


Finally, we created something that was worth sharing with you, our family. Welcome to Hatcher Packs - a two strap pack that can simply and safely carry your child and all needed components whether it be at home or hiking, church or canyoneering, airports and art museums, the library or grocery shopping. Everything in this bag is a piece of who we are. We hope you feel our passion to help you make the most of your everyday adventures.  The miracle in raising young children comes when you realize every day is a beautiful adventure. Our dream is to help your every day adventure possible.




Jacob & Jaclyn

Founders of Hatcher Packs