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See product pictures below! Due to COVID we have limited supplies. We plan to launch the Hatcher Pack on Kickstarter Spring 2022. Join the mailing list and contact us to try the product now and get the latest updates! 

We are so close! 


Check Out the Hatcher Pack

Meet the diaper bag that carries your baby. The Hatcher Pack is a diaper bag backpack with a full baby carrier. Our family invented the original endurance athlete hydration pack in 1985. The Hatcher Pack has been evolving in our family for the last 40 years. Now after thousands of miles, trails and prototypes, we are ready to take our technology into your home. It has passed all US safety testing, been acknowledged as hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, has patent-pending technology and most importantly empowers you to carry on with all your life’s passions!


Clip the carrier to the shoulder straps when in use. Unclip, fold and store in your backpack when not in use. It's amazing something this revolutionary hasn't been created before!


Durable, machine washable cordura pack. Use as a backpack, carrier or both at the same time. The carrier pack can be partially detached into a hip straps or fully detachable and stored in the pack. You'll never leave home without this again! 

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