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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I assemble it?
    Three simple steps – 1. Fit the backpack snugly to the adult. 2. Connect the Hatcher Pack Baby Carrier Flap using the gray hip buckles 3. Attach the black safety buckle Check out this video:
  • What size baby can optimally use this?
    7-35lbs, optimally 3-18 months, but you can carry your baby as long as you’d like. This is a guideline.
  • What positions can I carry my baby?
    Inward and outward front facing. The child is always carried on the front of the adult and the backpack is carried on the back of the adult.
  • How do I wash my Hatcher Pack?
    It’s completely machine washable!! Disconnect carrier portion from backpack. Before washing, buckle all other buckles. Use mild detergent when washing. Do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brightener. Close hook and loop fasteners before washing. You can put both in the washer on a gentle cycle. Let air dry.
  • Can I use the backpack without carrying my baby?
    Yes! All the carrying straps tuck into the back panel or completely detach. So your family will never outgrow this essential family adventure pack! We have customers from 0-80 years old! And you’ll never want to take this pack off, it is so comfy and ergonomic with 4 easy access shoulder pockets for your phone, keys and other valuables. You can even take it to work, thanks to the laptop compartment! The hip belt can be used without the carrier for extra hip support or can be stowed in seconds or completely detached. There's also a hydration bladder compartment so you can use it as a reservoir pack. Plus there's two tall water bottle pockets so you can carry the bottles, bladder and Stanley without worrying they'll fall on the floor when you set the Hatcher Pack down. Carry your baby when you want, store the mesh carrier in the pack when you don’t! Be ready to rock any adventure anytime, any where!
  • Can I carry my baby without the backpack?
    No, the carrier must have the structure of the backpack. However, there’s always vital items you need to carry anyway like diapers and wipes and the backpack provides incredible balance for the weight of your child!
  • How do I choose the proper height for the neckline and neck support?
    Your Hatcher Pack is size adjustable! You can easily roll the neckline up or down to make it most comfortable and safe. At a minimum, you should use the inward facing position for the first six months of life. But remember, your child must face towards you until he or she can hold head upright. So if facing inward make sure the height supports your baby’s head, but they can still move their head, breathe and are not pressed up against your chest. Your baby should always be close enough to kiss. If facing outward, make sure is there is at least one inch between the neckline and the flap.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship to the US including Alaska and Hawaii. We also are willing to ship international, especially to our friends in New Zealand. Shipping time internationally is at least 10 days - 1 month. Message us for any other specific locations!
  • What is the adult waist size range for the carrier attachment?
    When carrying a baby, the Hatcher Pack fits the adult waist size range 23.5 - 46 inches. Without the carrier as a standalone backpack, the hip straps accommodate waist sizes 25 - 70 inches. The hip straps can all be stowed for temporary storage in the back panel or completely detached.
  • Tell me more about the Hatcher Patch Adventure Program!
    We have been designing the Hatcher Patch Adventure Patches so that you can remember some of your favorite adventures. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on their release date!
  • Can I be an ambassador?
    Do you love the Hatcher Pack mission to make everyday an adventure? We're looking to share your stories to show the power in adventure parenting. Contact us today and tell us your why!
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