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Our Story

Picture this.... a blowout and no diaper or wipes in the middle of the Owyhee Mountains. 




The story begins as new parents, with deep Idaho roots and high professional aspirations. We were determined to bring our daughter on all our adventures, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy one of those blitzed out clunky diaper bags that looked like a lunch box strapped to ribbons. 


But now our individuality was to our demise. No diaper bag, no diapers. We cleaned her up in the river. With the crisis diverted, we vowed it would never happen again. If we couldn’t find it, we would make the ultimate backpack and baby carrier for parents.


Crazy goal? Actually, not really. Jacob’s dad is the legendary Bryce Thatcher. He invented the first hydration pack after he was tired of drinking out of streams and carrying Snapple bottles in the Teton Mountain Range. 

Jaclyn and Jacob Thatcher, the creators of Hatcher Packs, out hiking with their children.


So, just like Jacob’s dad 40 years before, in 2017 we went to the garage sewing machine. After five years, two additional kids, medical school, urology residency, a Doctorate in Nursing and 1000’s of adventures, a simple idea and a pack have become mission—a mission to reinvent parenthood and raising children.


It’s okay to have a family and have personal aspirations. In fact, we believe that children don’t limit success, they enable it. Having a family is synergistic—you can make a bigger difference in this world as a family unit than you can winging it solo.


Enough with the philosophy…


We are proud of the Hatcher Pack. You can choose--a stand-alone backpack or a baby carrier. Both are ready for the airport, or Angel’s Landing, hair salon or church.


The backpack has all the ultramarathon technology that took 4 decades of adventure and innovation to develop (this same innovation that was ranked #1 by Runner’s World in 2022). 


The baby carrier is comfortable, easy to put on, certified Hip-Healthy and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 


We’ve solved the parenting problem. Join us.


It’s a paradigm shift worth shifting.


Cheering you on,


The Thatchers 

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