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The Hatcher Pack is the Best Tactical Baby Carrier

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The Hatcher Pack is one of the best Tactical Baby Carriers
The Hatcher Pack: Tactical Baby Carrier

Some say that experience is the best teacher!

The Hatcher Pack is the best tactical baby carrier.

Why? It is the result of a parenting adventure mishap and was created to ensure the mistake never happened again. What happened: Jaclyn, a new mom, went on a hike in the Owyhee Mountains. Her three-month-old baby had a blowout and Jaclyn realized in transferring her baby from the car seat to the baby carrier, she forgot her baby’s things; namely wipes and a diaper. Luckily, she was surrounded by ingenious people that fashioned a diaper out of feminine hygiene pads until they returned to the car to get a diaper. As a first-time parent, Jaclyn realized there was a lack of appropriate tactical baby gear and she created the Hatcher Pack. Experience taught Jaclyn that having a diaper bag baby carrier, if packed right, could ensure that nothing and no one (the baby) was left behind. She ensured the Hatcher Pack had enough space for the parents’ and baby’s things. The pack has been carefully designed and planned out.

The tactical baby carrier Hatcher Pack features include:

  1. A 40L adventure pack

  2. Safe soft baby carrier attachment (ASTM hip safety certified)

  3. 12 pockets

  4. Laptop compartment (works for a water bladder, too!)

  5. Padded shoulder straps

  6. Chest strap (with a safety whistle!)

  7. Tall water bottle compartments

The Hatcher Pack equips families for adventure whether to the store, flying across the country or for a hike in the mountains with its sleek, all-in-one Original Diaper Bag Baby Carrier™ design.

What are you waiting for? Buy the best tactical baby carrier now.

Hatcher Pack anatomy

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