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The Hatcher Pack: The Original Diaper Bag Baby Carrier

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The Hatcher Pack: The Original Diaper Bag Baby Carrier (TM)
Above: The Hatcher Pack: The Original Diaper Bag Baby Carrier (TM)

The Hatcher Pack is the Original Diaper Bag Baby Carrier™ (yep, we got the Trade Mark!); it is a two-in-one diaper bag baby carrier inspired by what it’s made for, adventure.

Jaclyn Thatcher, first-time mom (at the time, also a DNP now), was on a hike in the Owyhee Mountains with her 3-month-old and other family members. Jaclyn’s baby had a blowout and Jaclyn realized in the rush of transferring bags for the trip, forgot the basics, diapers, and wipes.

She had a desperate need for a two-in-one, diaper bag baby carrier.

Without diapers and wipes, Jaclyn and her family members fashioned a diaper using feminine hygiene pads and her baby was comfortable until a new diaper was found when they returned to the car filled with baby supplies.

Jaclyn is passionate about parenting. She believes it is an adventure, unlike any other that can be joyfully embraced. She couldn’t find an ideal parent adventure pack to keep up with the pace of parenting, so she designed it! The Hatcher Pack was born. Having an all-in-one diaper bag baby carrier prevents the need for transferring bags, and reduces the chances of forgetting things. Best of all, it enables parents to venture hands-free, no babysitter needed! The Hatcher Pack diaper bag baby carrier features include:

  1. A 40L adventure pack

  2. Safe soft baby carrier attachment (ASTM hip safety certified)

  3. 12 pockets

  4. Laptop compartment (works for a water bladder, too!)

  5. Padded shoulder straps

  6. Chest strap (with a safety whistle!)

  7. Tall water bottle compartments

It enables parents to enjoy adventures from the stores to the mountains with their children, hands-free! Jaclyn made it out of the Owyhee Mountains promising herself the lack of supplies wouldn’t happen again. The best part is, her mishap doesn’t have to happen to you. Now you can bring along your child, including your supplies and theirs, all in one hands-free diaper bag baby carrier solution, the Hatcher Pack!

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